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coralHi, we are Rob and Renee. We are independent PADI instructors and specialize in teaching small groups. We offer a range of classes from beginning scuba diving to Divemaster, as well as most specialties including Nitrox and Wreck Diving. Small classes mean that you get the personal attention that you deserve, and the attention to your needs that you'll appreciate. We cater to the traveling diver and those needs.

We also offer a comlete dive planning service for the Micronesian Islands, including Palau, Truk Lagoon, and Yap.
including arrangements for boat dives.We work closely with some of the better Dive Boats.
Nitrox is available for safer diving. We can also help you plan beach diving, equipment rental, and any specialty 
training that you may find of interest to you. You enjoy Micronesia, while we do the work for you.

Family Diving
Scuba Diving is a fun activity for the whole family. Finding an instructor that
specializes in training children, and with small classes that allow the individual
attention children need is important. We offer that individual attention, and the
small classes that are necessary. We have a complete certification program that
allows your vacation plans to be completed, not disrupted.

Micronesia is a great place to take advantage of additional training.
An advanced class or a wreck diving class may be perfect for you. Maybe now
is the time to start diving safer with Nitrox. Nitrox training is available and is
a great specialty to take when in Guam/Micronesia. These classes can help
meet your needs for additional training, and help compliment your vacation.
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We offer a great variety of classes, one of the most popular
being an advanced class during your stay in Guam/Micronesia.

By the end of your trip you will have improved your navigation skills,
explored the underwater world at night, made a dive to 100+ feet, and
learned to use a lift bag to recover found treasure or light salvage. You
will also learn to identify the many types of life that inhabit the waters
of the South Pacific. One low price includes the boat trip, and all the
gear and airfills. It also includes the class, certification, and rentals if
needed. Don't waste your time running around for equipment, we'll do
it for you. Everything you need will be on the boat and ready for you.

Are you wondering what all the talk about Nitrox is about ?? You
can dive safer with far less risk of Decompression Sickness when
you dive with Enriched Air-Nitrox. Many divers also claim to feel
less tired after a day of diving with Enriched Air. If you would like
to experience the safety of diving with Nitrox, the PADI Enriched
Air course is for you. The entire course can be completed during a
your stay in Guam. One low price includes the boat trip, class,
books, materials, and the dives with Nitrox. This is a great course to
take, and lets you have the safety of diving with Enriched Air-Nitrox.

Rob and Renee Broxton
Tamuning, Guam

Upcoming Classes for Nitrox or Advanced
are designed for your time schedule !
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